An update on my 2012 goals

Not far into the year but here’s how I’m going…

– Make shortbread.
– Make five new Emma Makes products. So far I’ve made two new purse designs, a new toy and a new lot of notebooks.
– Add a doily pocket to something.

Wheeling and dealing
Get three new stockists for Emma Makes (one to go – I’ve already got Blackbird Corner and Dorothy & Evelyn this year – both in Australia). Done – I’ve got Blackbird Corner, Dorothy & Evelyn and Nook, all in Australia. I’m also currently talking to a stockist in Christchurch so stay tuned.

– Have high tea at Martha’s Pantry because it’s great.

Spending less money
Wittle down my fabric stash, which means trying to create new combinations to sew out of what I’ve got, not just buying more. So far I’m going well – I’ve made a couple of new skirts for myself and new purses all from my fabric stash.
– Take a plunger to work so I can make more coffee/buy less coffee. Yep – the plunger is at work and I’m using it. Still buying some coffee occasionally but heaps less.

– Read 25 books. Feel free to make suggestions. So far I’ve read three.
– Find three new podcasts to listen to (working on that at the moment). Still working on it.
– Comment on more blogs –Still working on it.

Visit Featherton’s Fell Engine Museum – apparently the most popular tourist attraction in the Wairarapa.
– Do yoga once a week. Doing it
– Visit Kapiti Island (never have).
– Do an anonymous street art project – Helen suggested this and it sounds fun. I have NO ideas about what to do.
– Keep writing Friday lists. Doing it


One Response to An update on my 2012 goals

  1. I really wanted to do a street art project a few years ago with some of my poems, but I lost steam / motivation / guts. Hope you do yours! I am fully impressed by how much you have knocked off so far.

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