Looking at things in Christchurch

September 8, 2014

Last Monday I got up at 4.45am (Mum threw a pillow at me because I was sleeping through my alarm) and flew from Christchurch into a finance course. Then the week was a whirlwind of work and birthday and baking and work and drowning in email and some more work.

And here we are, Monday again. Here are my photos from Christchurch – I love going to other places and looking properly. It’s something you rarely do in your own home town.


Lyttelton pennants at Henry Trading. I wish we had these in Featherston.


The Shroom Room cafe, we had a great vege breakfast despite all hankering for bacon.


Painted signage on a brick wall.


Beatrix Potter at The Eco Store (dump shop)


Art at the end of New Regent Street


The Catherdral


Art in The Square


Buckets of daffodils – cheap and plentiful


Retro shopping


The Tannery – a beautiful place where you could spend a lot of money


Particularly good camellia

An invitation to lunch in Christchurch

August 11, 2014

At the end of this month I’m taking a short vacation in Christchurch. I’ve planned it around the Readers & Writers Festival and Mum is coming up too so it’ll be a good chance for family time mixed with inspiring ideas and outings.

The first day I arrive I thought it might be nice to invite you to lunch. I know I have lots of blog readers and Emma Makes fans in Christchurch and thought that meeting you was a good idea. You’re paying for your own lunch I’m afraid but if you RSVP I’ll bring you a goody bag.

If nobody turns up (I know my invite is on a week day) then I’m happy to eat alone. If not, see you there.

Lunch on Wednesday 27 August
Addington Coffee Co-op, 297 Lincoln Road, Christchurch

RSVP here.

Addington Coffee Co-op

Make a big list

August 6, 2014

Today my to-do list actually says “make a big list.”

I really like running my own business but also having a full-time job makes things a bit crazy. This morning I got a bit eye-twitchy with a lot of orders stacked up so started the day making a big list of things to sew. Now that feels much more under control.

Next up I’m going to make a big list of all my work projects over the next few months and what I need to do there so I can plough through stuff, stay on track and not suddenly remember things I’ve forgotten to do in the shower. Here’s some other great lists:


Made.it – a must-stop shop in Wellington

July 30, 2014

Made.it in Wellington is a great shop stocking New Zealand handmade products – and on Friday they’re getting bigger. They’re building out into the shop next door and are having a grand opening party this Friday.

You’ve probably seen them on Victoria Street looking something like this:


They’ve stocked Emma Makes for about the last 2.5 years and are super popular. Seeing them grow is really exciting.

This Friday will be regular trading hours with a twist – if you take in the voucher below they’ll give $10 off when you spend $50. A good time for a winter treat or a chance to fill your present drawer.

Feeling fearful

July 24, 2014

I’m pretty good at forcing myself to do things I don’t want to do. It’s a handy skill and one that becomes really useful, for example, when I need to plough through some boring stuff at work.

However, I recently had to admit to myself that there were two things I wasn’t doing – and the reason I wasn’t was because I was afraid.

The first, which I’ve already blogged about, was doing swim training for Hutt City Tri. I signed up about a year ago and just put it off thinking “oh its ages away” or “I was a great swimmer at high school so I’ll be right.” I work with heaps of sporty people and their advice has been great for making a start.

The other thing I’ve been putting off was calling a photographer to take some photos of me in my studio. My friend Katrina is going to do some PR for Emma Makes and has been asking me to do the photos for ages.

Last weekend I spent ALL Saturday organising and tidying my studio and this Saturday the photos are finally happening. I’m trying not to freak out.