Very Sound Opinions

One of the only things I miss about having flatmates is getting new music recommendations. In between fighting about who was on dishes and buying chocolate milk because it was cheaper than white milk (true story), rummaging through your flatmate’s CDs was surely the best part of the whole shared living experience.

However, I feel like I have that experience back now with my discovery of Sound Opinions: a podcast out of the awesome WBEZ in Chicago.

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Mainly because I like to work myself like a craft slave most weekends and my studio doesn’t get radio reception.

Sound Opinions was recommended by Helen when I recently asked for podcast recommendations and it stuck. Basically, it’s a well-produced music review show that covers every genre from Bjork to Bob Dylan and Lou Reed to Christmas jazz tunes.

It’s the kind of show that brings new listening experiences and has me scrambling for bits of paper to write down artists names. I highly recommend it.

However, this year I’ve decided – as part of my things to do in 2012 list – I want to find three new podcasts so I need your help. What do you recommend? Here’s what I currently listen to:

  • Desert Island Discs with Kirsty Young
  • Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4
  • Graham Norton
  • Guardian short stories
  • The Moth
  • NPR Wait Wait don’t tell me
  • PRI Selected Shorts
  • Stuff you missed in history class
  • This American Life

15 Responses to Very Sound Opinions

  1. I enjoy ‘This Week in Tech’ (TWiT). It’s a changing panel of pundits (with the same host each week). It treats ‘tech’ very broadly – and covers new media, social networking, politics etc, as well as ooh-Apple-shiny!

  2. Guardian books podcast with Claire Armistead can be good, depending on her topic. It’s very English and earnest.

  3. Sarah Laing says:

    I love Sound Opinions! I started listening to podcasts last night – good so far! The culture gabfest – a bunch of people talking about movies and TV (they discussed Ab Fab and the Iron Lady last night). Also I’m always hustling the New Yorker fiction podcast.

  4. Clea Matthews says:

    I really like Front Row, The Film Programme , Women’s Hour and the afternoon play. All BBC radio 4. Obviously lots of the content is a bit UK specific but plenty is universal.

  5. thismumrocks says:

    DNTO (Definately not the opera) from CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
    or also try

  6. tomandemma says:

    Excellent – thanks for all these. I’m just basically subscribing to them all! Must remember in a few weeks to let you know what ones make the permanent list.

  7. gemma says:

    Sounds Historical – Radio NZ

  8. I find TWIT really annoying because the guys are such dickheads, but then Fraser finds a lot of what I like annoying, too! 😉

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  10. carol says:

    I like Manager tools….
    the guys are fun, speak in a way thats not all uni-lectury, and the tools are not just great for people who mamage people, but can be used in everyday life! the DiSC model is especially cool, and my new favourite thing at the moment…!

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