About Us

When Tom and I wanted to buy a house we started to look around the Hutt Valley, where we lived. We scoured every paper, every weekend and went to several ugly open homes that we didn’t have enough money to buy. One day we found ourselves in Upper Hutt looking around a house that stunk of dogs, had no privacy and that had holes kicked in the walls. It was going to cost everything we had.

Something had to give.

My friend Clare suggested the Wairarapa – she lives in Carterton – and we thought, since it was the first stop off the train in the Wairarapa, we could probably totally reorganise our lives and live in Featherston. We planned to visit and look around some houses, buy something cheap and move back to Wellington in five years.

The second house we looked at was just for fun. It was a beautiful old villa that would have been all our money and wasn’t really what we’d planned. It was the sort of house we’d love to live in some day. We bought that house (the thirteen we saw afterwards never compared) and now live a dreamy life in the country each and every day.

6 Responses to About Us

  1. Becka says:

    Oh I love it. My Canadian husband and I have been looking at/dreaming about houses to buy when we move back to NZ in the next few years and have decided on country living (but still near-ish Wellington). Your house is beautiful, I’m even more excited about moving home now.

  2. Garnet says:

    Hi Emma – I’m the rather ‘forward’ person who came up to you this evening to say hey, great blog about Featherston =) It’s a neat place to live isn’t it. I will have a look at the photos of your crafts, you are very creative! Might see you two on the train from time to time. Cheers.

  3. wow, this is great to see another bunch of bloggers in F’town.
    I am a newbie, born wellington, moved, napier, sydney, new york, los
    angeles, masterton(oops!) and now featherston. I love it here, now in my 7th month.I am on wakefield, would be great to catch up, cheers, Richard.

  4. tomandemma says:

    Sounds like a plan Richard – I’m going to read your blog now. I think you live pretty close to us and it would be nice to know more Featherston people.

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  6. ylipaino says:

    Hey, Emma!
    I’m so glad that I found this blog. I am also a small town resident in southern Finland and a enthusiastic blogger too.
    I would have one wish for you (actually it’s for my blog too), could you make a note of you living in New Zealand (?)?
    I want to keep replying to your entries, and it would help occasional readers from my own blog to follow yours.

    By the way, my only English written blog can be found at Fotoandthought.wordpress.com
    This note probably gives ylipaino.wordpress.com too, but that I write in Finnish. (its my weight loss blog)

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