A list for Christchurch

August 27, 2014

Mum and I are taking a break in sunny Christchurch. I came down for the Readers & Writers Festival and she’s driving up to join me.

I’ve just returned from a super nice lunch meeting friends and thought I’d post my list of things to go in between Festival sessions and family time.

Feel free to add to this too:
– Make cafe
– Pay it forward
– Addington Coffee Co-op (tick)
– The dump shop
– Cotton On Kids (one of the few stores with the great bedding range)
– The Tannery
– Akaroa
– Cafe Valentine
– The Botanical Gardens



Weekend list: 23 + 24 August

August 22, 2014

Usually at the start of the week I can’t imagine having anything to write on my list. But throughout the week a ton of chores accumulate…

  • Sew a custom shoulder bag for someone who needs a replacement of their (very old) one
  • Sew kitten faces, cut kitten bodies – there’s a kitten explosion happening out there
  • Make goody bags for next week’s Christchurch lunch
  • Sew a cocktail dress – as you do – Mum emailed to say we need to wear a cocktail dress to dinner with Ruth Reichl at the Christchurch Readers & Writers Festival
  • Post off an order
  • Add ink to the printer
  • Watch The Good Wife

A new job but with familiar faces

August 20, 2014

This week I got landed with the best of both worlds, career-wise. I got offered a short-term promotion while another staff member takes six months off, which means new challenges and more complex work but without having to leave my workplace or learn a whole lot of new names.

I really like my work and our small team gets on really well. This will mean managing two staff members and taking on more responsibility, which we all know I like because I’m nerdtastic. I also like that the new job makes me feel excited but also nervous – a good sign that I’ll be tested.

My reign of terror starts on 8 September. I’m keen to be a really good manager – feel free to tell me what you like in a manager as I’m on a collecting mission of sorts.



Weekend list: 16 + 17 August

August 15, 2014
  • Get out the saw and cut back some of the branches around my window because when it’s windy it’s like Cathy herself is trying to claw her way into Heathcliff
  • Finish one coat of painting in a room that I started doing in May
  • Sew myself a new dress
  • Package up an order to send to Christchurch
  • Have a facial on Saturday in Greytown (YAY)
  • Go for a walk or bike ride with Ellen.

An invitation to lunch in Christchurch

August 11, 2014

At the end of this month I’m taking a short vacation in Christchurch. I’ve planned it around the Readers & Writers Festival and Mum is coming up too so it’ll be a good chance for family time mixed with inspiring ideas and outings.

The first day I arrive I thought it might be nice to invite you to lunch. I know I have lots of blog readers and Emma Makes fans in Christchurch and thought that meeting you was a good idea. You’re paying for your own lunch I’m afraid but if you RSVP I’ll bring you a goody bag.

If nobody turns up (I know my invite is on a week day) then I’m happy to eat alone. If not, see you there.

Lunch on Wednesday 27 August
Addington Coffee Co-op, 297 Lincoln Road, Christchurch

RSVP here.

Addington Coffee Co-op

Visit my Emma Makes studio + shop

August 10, 2014

I’ve got two people visiting my studio shop today, which reminds me to tell you that you can visit too.

I’m here most weekends so you just need to make an appointment first (just to make sure I’m home).

Details about visiting and contact details are on my website. Here’s a little preview…









Weekend list: 9 + 10 August

August 8, 2014

Thoughts for the week: ‘How is it August already?’ and ‘Wow it’s really light at night now’ and other boring things.

List for the weekend:

  • Make soup for a friend who needs soup
  • Sew a stack of orders that are piling up
  • Pick out a new mailbox that takes bigger parcels so our online purchases stop getting wet
  • Have someone come and visit my shop on Sunday
  • Potter.

I took this photo at last night’s Inspiring Women event – I love a homemade bouquet in a jar.