The end of an era

November 18, 2014

I’ve decided to end our blog – it’s been great for the last seven years as a record of what we’ve been doing but I’m happy to end it here.

All things have a beginning and an end. The blog has been great and I’m sure it will be missed.

You can follow me on the Emma Makes Facebook page.

Or see our photos on Flickr.

Or you can email me – my address is in the side-bar.

Thanks for reading all this time; it’s been great but now it’s time for a change.


Weekend list: 15 + 16 November

November 14, 2014
  • Wrap up the rest of Tom’s birthday presents
  • Go swimming at Masterton
  • Do a few orders for stockists
  • Start writing my Christmas cards (yes, really)
  • Sewing, pinning, repeat
  • Nice lunch somewhere with Tom
  • Going on The Friends of The Dowse Architecture tour on Sunday

My native birds cards can be bought online at and make an alternative to snow-covered Santas.

Checking in, checking out

November 6, 2014

I had to admit to myself recently that I like being in special groups – but only the good kind. I like getting the ‘exceeding expectations’ letter at work or having Bailies in my morning coffee at the airport or staying in a nice place in Melbourne where nothing is a problem and they have flowers everywhere.

It’s good to know you’re fortunate. And to remember that trudging to work is what gets you nice things.

Tom and I recently went on a short break to Melbourne. It was very low key – we ate some nice places, rode around on trams, looked at shops and walked and walked some more at a very dawdly touristy pace. But what I liked most was just spending time together, napping on a bed that got made every morning and reading books.

I left my phone at home so took no photos, answered no emails and felt no obligation to be especially looking or paying attention to things.

I liked checking out for a bit. And while I was checked out I read The Year of the Hare – an entire book about checking out that was slow and beautiful and simple. I highly recommend it. And then after that read The Lighthouse by Alison Moore.

Weekend list: 25, 26, 27 October

October 24, 2014
  • Monster tidy of the messy house
  • Getting my hair cut: it was formally cute and is now just boofy
  • Hunting for peonies
  • Eating brunch in town
  • Buying up stuffing at Spotlight
  • Making and photographing kittens for orders
  • Photographing and listing new pencils in my shop
  • Sorting through my wardrobe and getting out summer clothes
  • Sewing
  • Making new pencil packs for teachers for my shop
  • Reading
  • Going to The Rocky Horror Picture Show drive-in movie
  • Seeing a woman about her boxes of vintage fabric.

A brief hiatus

September 10, 2014

Hello all,

Just a quick note to say my new job is BIG and Emma Makes is busy so I need some time to sort those out. While I do I’m going to take a short blog break – until the end of September.


A list for Christchurch

August 27, 2014

Mum and I are taking a break in sunny Christchurch. I came down for the Readers & Writers Festival and she’s driving up to join me.

I’ve just returned from a super nice lunch meeting friends and thought I’d post my list of things to go in between Festival sessions and family time.

Feel free to add to this too:
– Make cafe
– Pay it forward
– Addington Coffee Co-op (tick)
– The dump shop
– Cotton On Kids (one of the few stores with the great bedding range)
– The Tannery
– Akaroa
– Cafe Valentine
– The Botanical Gardens


Inspiring Wairarapa women

August 5, 2014

This Thursday the local school is hosting a fundraiser night – they’ve got two Wairarapa women speaking about their work and it’s being held in a beautiful old house in town.

Tickets are $20 a piece and can be bought on the night, at St Teresa’s School, Bell Street, Featherston or from Star Movies Featherston.

It should be a worthwhile and interesting night. Here’s the details…

Thursday 7 August
Tarureka Estate, Donald Street, Featherston

An evening of fashion with guest speakers Esther Bunning (photographer) and Alice Arundell (author/baker).  Tickets are $20 giving you a free glass of bubbles and canapes. Quality pre-loved fashion for purchase.