Now we are (30) seven

September 3, 2014

Today is my birthday (yay) and I’ve got enough leave to take a day off work, which I highly recommend to one and all. I think every birthday I’ve ever had started with presents in bed – Tom gave me a bunch of great things from his Paris trip, a wonderful ship picture from a Luxembourg market, some iTunes vouchers and a place in a Twig and Arrow flower course.

I’m really excited about them all and love the idea of buying new music so will happily take recommendations.

I’ve just returned from Ellen’s house where we started the day with ginger muffins, coffee and 1960s records. And she gave me a daphne bush so next winter that’s one less thing she needs to listen to me rant about wanting to find. I think I’ll plant it near the back door.


Next I’ll do a spot of baking – a birthday cake for myself to take to work tomorrow and two kinds of biscuits for a farewell on Friday. Then it’s solid pottering – probably in the studio, or watching a touch of The Good Wife or just staring aimlessly into space wondering if I’ll make it to 73.

We are Seven by William Wordsworth.

A new free resource for makers

June 9, 2014

If you like to make stuff then you’ll probably be keen to know that Te Papa has recently opened up 30,000 images for download. Read the full story here.

That means that you can now download images from their Collections Online site for free and use them in your projects. I don’t use a lot of photos in my work so am feeling a bit dim in coming up with great ideas but at the very least I can see something like these below making a nice series of cards.

More inventive people might screenprint these onto clothing as patterns or create patches from them. If you’re a fan of patterns and old fabrics then you’ll probably enjoy the swatchbook listings too – I did.

Whatever you make or use these images for, Te Papa is genuinely interested – so tweet them @TePapaColOnline or email 

We got burgled and I made a flowchart

May 20, 2014

Last night I got home in the dark to find we’d been burgled. I opened the back door and wondered why there was glass on the kitchen floor… my next thought was that a bird had crashed through the window.

Then I noticed the side door was open and thought a mighty wind must have done it. But no, it was local youths who stole our TV and a few other bits. Not wanting to end up on CSI Featherston I asked our neighbour to come with me before exploring the rest of the house.

Today I’ve worked at home so I can entertain the locksmith, glazier and forensics guys and shelled out $350 that I didn’t plan to spend today. Everything’s pretty much okay now – Tom is still in Paris so I think it’s harder for him because he can’t do anything practical to help. I haven’t had a great nights sleep so am a mix of sleepy and stressed.

I used some of my nervous energy to take the data from how people have responded and make a flowchart. Because that’s normal, right?  If you click on it it will get bigger – or just view it here.

We got robbed - New Page

Click the chart to see a bigger version

A weekend in Luxemburg

April 30, 2014

Not for me! Tom is heading off to Tokyo then Paris again next week for work and has decided to take the train to Luxemburg for a weekend while he’s there because that’s what you can do when you live in a place where all the countries touch.

Then he told me that Luxemburg is known for chocolate. So jealous.

Here’s some photos of Luxemburg. Meanwhile, still happy to take project ideas for while he’s away. So far some long overdue house painting is the only thing on the cards. Snore.


Merry Christmas peeps

December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas people – wishing you happy times with friends and family and lots of good presents.