Looking at things in Christchurch

September 8, 2014

Last Monday I got up at 4.45am (Mum threw a pillow at me because I was sleeping through my alarm) and flew from Christchurch into a finance course. Then the week was a whirlwind of work and birthday and baking and work and drowning in email and some more work.

And here we are, Monday again. Here are my photos from Christchurch – I love going to other places and looking properly. It’s something you rarely do in your own home town.


Lyttelton pennants at Henry Trading. I wish we had these in Featherston.


The Shroom Room cafe, we had a great vege breakfast despite all hankering for bacon.


Painted signage on a brick wall.


Beatrix Potter at The Eco Store (dump shop)


Art at the end of New Regent Street


The Catherdral


Art in The Square


Buckets of daffodils – cheap and plentiful


Retro shopping


The Tannery – a beautiful place where you could spend a lot of money


Particularly good camellia

Made.it – a must-stop shop in Wellington

July 30, 2014

Made.it in Wellington is a great shop stocking New Zealand handmade products – and on Friday they’re getting bigger. They’re building out into the shop next door and are having a grand opening party this Friday.

You’ve probably seen them on Victoria Street looking something like this:


They’ve stocked Emma Makes for about the last 2.5 years and are super popular. Seeing them grow is really exciting.

This Friday will be regular trading hours with a twist – if you take in the voucher below they’ll give $10 off when you spend $50. A good time for a winter treat or a chance to fill your present drawer.

Just like Brownies, but better

June 19, 2014

A friend recently called me from a vintage sale to say she’d found some blankets and did I want her to buy them. This isn’t unusual – yesterday one of the librarians at work did the same.

The first blankets included a grey one with a handful of Brownie badges on them, which was instant nostalgia of the highest order.

The brooch below is kind of like a Brownie badge but you need no special skills to earn it.

The Friends of the Dowse (which I recently joined) have commissioned artist Lynn Kelly to create a limited run of 100 brooches that are only for sale to friends.

You can see a larger version of the brooch and read details here. It’s $100 for the brooch and if you’re not already a Friend then an extra $30 to join. I love that you can only buy this by being in the club – I kind of feel I might be one more step closer to Freemasonary without the hassle of finding an apron.

Join the Friends of The Dowse.

Read more about artist Lynn Kelly.


See more art! Have good ideas!

June 17, 2014

This morning my friend Courtney tweeted a link to a blog post (this one) that included the image below. I read it on the bus on my little phone screen – at first thinking the leaf paintings were cut out embroideries.

For some reason this simple style of painting made me think of the pleasure of making. I’m probably a little bit nostalgic for Art School days when making and thinking was all we did. Or envious because at the moment work is busy and I feel too tired to make when I get home.

I have about three things on the go that I need to sit down and commit some time to finishing.

Some friends of mine have began an art club called The Anti Social Club – it’s basically an excuse to stay in and make things instead of going to parties. The work is themed each week and shared online and it’s great!

Here’s some favourites –

This is Paula’s Friday the 13th piece – she made this sign then put it up in the pine forest near her house. It makes me think of doing something similar in the woods near our house.

I love this work by Dear Colleen but what kills me is that she’s signed her name Dead Colleen. I like clever things that are also funny.

I’m not sure who did took this photo – it’s beautiful and was done for the ‘pattern’ theme.

I should really get in on this gig instead of bemoaning missing art and good ideas…


A new free resource for makers

June 9, 2014

If you like to make stuff then you’ll probably be keen to know that Te Papa has recently opened up 30,000 images for download. Read the full story here.

That means that you can now download images from their Collections Online site for free and use them in your projects. I don’t use a lot of photos in my work so am feeling a bit dim in coming up with great ideas but at the very least I can see something like these below making a nice series of cards.

More inventive people might screenprint these onto clothing as patterns or create patches from them. If you’re a fan of patterns and old fabrics then you’ll probably enjoy the swatchbook listings too – I did.

Whatever you make or use these images for, Te Papa is genuinely interested – so tweet them @TePapaColOnline or email copyright@tepapa.govt.nz