A new job but with familiar faces

August 20, 2014

This week I got landed with the best of both worlds, career-wise. I got offered a short-term promotion while another staff member takes six months off, which means new challenges and more complex work but without having to leave my workplace or learn a whole lot of new names.

I really like my work and our small team gets on really well. This will mean managing two staff members and taking on more responsibility, which we all know I like because I’m nerdtastic. I also like that the new job makes me feel excited but also nervous – a good sign that I’ll be tested.

My reign of terror starts on 8 September. I’m keen to be a really good manager – feel free to tell me what you like in a manager as I’m on a collecting mission of sorts.




Visit my Emma Makes studio + shop

August 10, 2014

I’ve got two people visiting my studio shop today, which reminds me to tell you that you can visit too.

I’m here most weekends so you just need to make an appointment first (just to make sure I’m home).

Details about visiting and contact details are on my website. Here’s a little preview…









Shop with abandon, pay nothing #stressfreechristmas

December 13, 2013

All day I’ve been running a promo in my online store where you can win your money back if you buy from me today.

It’s easy:

1. Shop at the Emma Makes store before 11.59pm

2. Go in the draw to win your money back.*


*Money back does not include shipping costs.

A special Christmas promo #stressfreechristmas

December 12, 2013


Tears before bedtime #stressfreechristmas

December 11, 2013

One of the most heartbreaking things to hear before Christmas is this sentence;

“I really wanted that [insert product here] that I saw on your website last week/last month but I can’t find it and I wanted it for my sister for Christmas.”

The trouble with making super limited editions of any one thing is explaining that concept to people. I often get these heartbreaking emails and have to write back and say that what they wanted is all gone. I sew from vintage fabric mainly so the likelihood of  me sewing more is remote.

It’s a sad situation when you’re the one missing out.

Here then, for the common good is a blog post of lasts. Items that there’s only one left of. Click each image to head through to the shop (it’s not an exhaustive list).

Hard to Shop For? #stressfreechristmas

December 5, 2013

With the season of giving upon us, sometimes it can get so overwhelming trying to find the right gift for the right person. We wind ourselves up searching high and low for something just right and the end result always turns out to be the same. We find ourselves in a tail spin and we purchase something that really isn’t what we had in mind at all.

Why not remove the hassle of it all and invest in a gift card!

They’re perfect for all budgets and gives the receiver the freedom to purchase something to their tastes, taking all the guess work out of it for you. You can purchase a gift card from Emma Makes starting from just $10.00.

Take the stress out of gift shopping.

How to make Christmas shopping enjoyable #stressfreechristmas

December 4, 2013

I really hate the stress that’s often associated with Christmas shopping – the pushing and shoving, the crying kids, the frantic rushing.

This year you can do it differently if you shop at my studio shop in Featherston.

Get a group together, shop at your leisure then enjoy tea and homemade cake under the walnut tree with your friends. I’ll put on cups of tea in vintage teacups and bake you a whole fresh cake.

This special offer is open before Christmas 2013 for groups of six or more people wanting to shop for Christmas.

A $50 booking fee is required, which is redeemable on merchandise on the day. Get in touch at emma.mccleary@gmail.com and we can talk about what suits you. Days that are currently open for bookings are:

Sunday 15 December
Saturday 21 December
Sunday 22 December