Checking in, checking out

I had to admit to myself recently that I like being in special groups – but only the good kind. I like getting the ‘exceeding expectations’ letter at work or having Bailies in my morning coffee at the airport or staying in a nice place in Melbourne where nothing is a problem and they have flowers everywhere.

It’s good to know you’re fortunate. And to remember that trudging to work is what gets you nice things.

Tom and I recently went on a short break to Melbourne. It was very low key – we ate some nice places, rode around on trams, looked at shops and walked and walked some more at a very dawdly touristy pace. But what I liked most was just spending time together, napping on a bed that got made every morning and reading books.

I left my phone at home so took no photos, answered no emails and felt no obligation to be especially looking or paying attention to things.

I liked checking out for a bit. And while I was checked out I read The Year of the Hare – an entire book about checking out that was slow and beautiful and simple. I highly recommend it. And then after that read The Lighthouse by Alison Moore.

One Response to Checking in, checking out

  1. Julie says:

    That sounds like a perfect break to me. I am glad you both had such a good time. Now, it is back to the grind, but you can think of more nice times to come.

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