Now we are (30) seven

Today is my birthday (yay) and I’ve got enough leave to take a day off work, which I highly recommend to one and all. I think every birthday I’ve ever had started with presents in bed – Tom gave me a bunch of great things from his Paris trip, a wonderful ship picture from a Luxembourg market, some iTunes vouchers and a place in a Twig and Arrow flower course.

I’m really excited about them all and love the idea of buying new music so will happily take recommendations.

I’ve just returned from Ellen’s house where we started the day with ginger muffins, coffee and 1960s records. And she gave me a daphne bush so next winter that’s one less thing she needs to listen to me rant about wanting to find. I think I’ll plant it near the back door.


Next I’ll do a spot of baking – a birthday cake for myself to take to work tomorrow and two kinds of biscuits for a farewell on Friday. Then it’s solid pottering – probably in the studio, or watching a touch of The Good Wife or just staring aimlessly into space wondering if I’ll make it to 73.

We are Seven by William Wordsworth.


2 Responses to Now we are (30) seven

  1. Wolfies says:

    Happy birthday Emma. May your year be filled with easy expression, edible wonders and things every good girl deserves x

  2. Amanda says:

    Happy Birthday Emma..your day sounds great. Hope you enjoyed your time down here too.

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