Weekend list: 23 + 24 August

Usually at the start of the week I can’t imagine having anything to write on my list. But throughout the week a ton of chores accumulate…

  • Sew a custom shoulder bag for someone who needs a replacement of their (very old) one
  • Sew kitten faces, cut kitten bodies – there’s a kitten explosion happening out there
  • Make goody bags for next week’s Christchurch lunch
  • Sew a cocktail dress – as you do – Mum emailed to say we need to wear a cocktail dress to dinner with Ruth Reichl at the Christchurch Readers & Writers Festival
  • Post off an order
  • Add ink to the printer
  • Watch The Good Wife


2 Responses to Weekend list: 23 + 24 August

  1. Deb says:

    Sew jealous !! Lunch, Cocktail hour and a trip to ChCh

  2. Jeannie ( Mum ) says:

    I might bring my fur Em and we could dress up true Art Deco era of the cocktails !

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