May We Be Forgiven + other book recommendations

Good Reads tells me I’m three books behind on my schedule to read 25 books this year. But that won’t stop me recommending some great books I’ve read lately (although apparently rather slowly).

May We Be Forgiven by AM Homes
It’s been ages since I enjoyed a book this much. I loved that this book was consistently great with lots of detail (rude, funny and smart) – it was something I was always eager to return to and even read on my short bus ride.

The first 30-50 pages are a punch to the guts and set you up to become deeply involved in the next great American family drama. There’s not really an apex to the narrative – there’s no flashing dramatic conclusions just a constant delivery of enjoyable, detailed prose.

The Mijo Tree by Janet Frame
I was very pleased to get this for Christmas from Tom’s brother. I’m a great fan of Janet Frame’s work and this was new to me.

A novella in a well-turned out book. Both are small, poetic and perfectly formed. You’ll probably get the most out of this if you read it in one sitting.

The illustrations are beautiful and the text magical in the way your favourite stories from childhood were.

SantaLand Diaries by David Sedaris
I’ve had this on my ‘to be read’ pile for ages and was looking for something short in between two bigger books.

Hilarious, dark and greatly imaginative – this is a brilliant, entertaining book full of grim as well as laughable passages.

The first story should be a must for anyone who has ever worked in retail – it’s observations of just how sad the mainstream shopper is, is pitch perfect. The last is a brilliant closure on the spirit of Christmas, it’s competitiveness and just how ridiculous we can become. Devilishly enjoyable and hard to put down.

Right now I’m reading The Orphan Master’s Son but am always keen to hear recommendations and hear what others are reading.


4 Responses to May We Be Forgiven + other book recommendations

  1. These are great recommendations! I hadn’t heard of May We Be Forgiven. I think I heard David Sedaris read one of the SantaLand Diaries stories on This American Life. Do you listen to that podcast? You might like it. I remember it being an excellent story.

    • tomandemma says:

      I think I have heard the story on the podcast but like you can’t remember which one it was. My favourite is Music Lessons when DS sings in the voice of Billie Holiday.

      • So good! Did you hear the recent repeat 165: Americans in Paris? They follow DS around his favourite spots in Paris. He’s so quirky.

      • tomandemma says:

        Yes! That was great and I listened when Tom was in Paris. David Sedaris’ voice was so much less ‘David Sedaris’ in the podcast. I wonder if he’s since worked it up into a thing.

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