Winter wandering

Recently I was poking about in the garage and thought, ‘we’ve done really well to have so much wood left’.

Winter hasn’t seemed that bad at all this year. At the time it was May – winter hadn’t even begun.

I think it’s important to have something to look forward to during winter. I recently planned a trip at the end of August so that’s one activity sorted.

And then it pays to make regular outings with friends. For Ellen and me that often means wandering Featherston on the weekend.


On Sunday we walked around Barr Bush Reserve – a small wooded area near our house. It’s full of fallen leaves and tree bark on the trail and interesting trees.

It’s pretty easy even in the town to feel like you’re in the country.

Taking photos as I went made it seem more of an event.

Cups of tea under the walnut tree was the perfect ending to our simple winter outing.



2 Responses to Winter wandering

  1. Amanda says:

    Love your teapot!

  2. […] My friend Emma has posted about midwinter today HERE […]

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