I’ve started Pilates

There’s a group at work that does Pilates twice a week and in a mad moment I signed up.

I’m writing this after my third class and amazingly I can move my arms – last week was a different story. It’s hard. Kind of like the hard parts of yoga all joined together without the rests. But it’s good because when I’m there I can’t think of anything else except Pilates.

And there’s clenching – you’re supposed to hold your stomach in (I suspect sometimes I’m just clenching my butt) and breathe at the same time as doing poses that cause me to scrunch my face up.

Despite this I’m recommending it – it’s hard but good; afterwards I feel focused and relaxed and this week was definitely easier than last week.

P.S. No of course I can’t do this pose!


4 Responses to I’ve started Pilates

  1. Lisa Wilde says:

    Swimming and now Pilates. I want to work at your workplace.

  2. katy says:

    I have been idly interested in yoga and pilates but after dabbling for years didn’t find a class I wanted to go to regularly until I started attending pregnancy yoga. Nothing like pregnancy and the prospect of childbirth to make stretching and breathing suddenly seem very relevant.

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