Just like Brownies, but better

A friend recently called me from a vintage sale to say she’d found some blankets and did I want her to buy them. This isn’t unusual – yesterday one of the librarians at work did the same.

The first blankets included a grey one with a handful of Brownie badges on them, which was instant nostalgia of the highest order.

The brooch below is kind of like a Brownie badge but you need no special skills to earn it.

The Friends of the Dowse (which I recently joined) have commissioned artist Lynn Kelly to create a limited run of 100 brooches that are only for sale to friends.

You can see a larger version of the brooch and read details here. It’s $100 for the brooch and if you’re not already a Friend then an extra $30 to join. I love that you can only buy this by being in the club – I kind of feel I might be one more step closer to Freemasonary without the hassle of finding an apron.

Join the Friends of The Dowse.

Read more about artist Lynn Kelly.


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