See more art! Have good ideas!

This morning my friend Courtney tweeted a link to a blog post (this one) that included the image below. I read it on the bus on my little phone screen – at first thinking the leaf paintings were cut out embroideries.

For some reason this simple style of painting made me think of the pleasure of making. I’m probably a little bit nostalgic for Art School days when making and thinking was all we did. Or envious because at the moment work is busy and I feel too tired to make when I get home.

I have about three things on the go that I need to sit down and commit some time to finishing.

Some friends of mine have began an art club called The Anti Social Club – it’s basically an excuse to stay in and make things instead of going to parties. The work is themed each week and shared online and it’s great!

Here’s some favourites –

This is Paula’s Friday the 13th piece – she made this sign then put it up in the pine forest near her house. It makes me think of doing something similar in the woods near our house.

I love this work by Dear Colleen but what kills me is that she’s signed her name Dead Colleen. I like clever things that are also funny.

I’m not sure who did took this photo – it’s beautiful and was done for the ‘pattern’ theme.

I should really get in on this gig instead of bemoaning missing art and good ideas…



3 Responses to See more art! Have good ideas!

  1. Ellen says:

    I am full of joy to read this, thanks Emma.

  2. melissa says:

    gorgeous post, emma. this is something i think about every day (make some art! have a good idea!) but each day ticks along regardless.
    love the sound of the anti-social art club.

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