A new free resource for makers

If you like to make stuff then you’ll probably be keen to know that Te Papa has recently opened up 30,000 images for download. Read the full story here.

That means that you can now download images from their Collections Online site for free and use them in your projects. I don’t use a lot of photos in my work so am feeling a bit dim in coming up with great ideas but at the very least I can see something like these below making a nice series of cards.

More inventive people might screenprint these onto clothing as patterns or create patches from them. If you’re a fan of patterns and old fabrics then you’ll probably enjoy the swatchbook listings too – I did.

Whatever you make or use these images for, Te Papa is genuinely interested – so tweet them @TePapaColOnline or email copyright@tepapa.govt.nz 


One Response to A new free resource for makers

  1. The Sewphist says:

    How have I just seen this? Oh my, I just got my new printer, so as soon as I finish the bookwork (will I ever be finished the bookwork?) I am going to go trawling and thinking of ways of using these images on fabric. *Geeking out*

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