He’s back!

Tom is home!

After a wet and wild weekend (I burnt quite a few candles during two power cuts) I was glad to pick him up from the airport on Sunday afternoon.


The first week is usually a week of resting (in between work) and readjusting to our time zone. Work for me is super busy, which means I really haven’t been making much lately and have done nothing worth blogging. It’s a sad tale of woe.


I made this welcome home sign for Tom on Saturday night after I’d shelled the year’s supply of walnuts. Other epic home-alone activities while Tom was away included super boring painting and doing my tax return.


In more cheery news I got a box of amazingly great write-home-about-them chocolates from Luxemburg, which came wrapped in red and green ribbon with a giant fake strawberry attached. More people should do over the top wrapping.


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