We got burgled and I made a flowchart

Last night I got home in the dark to find we’d been burgled. I opened the back door and wondered why there was glass on the kitchen floor… my next thought was that a bird had crashed through the window.

Then I noticed the side door was open and thought a mighty wind must have done it. But no, it was local youths who stole our TV and a few other bits. Not wanting to end up on CSI Featherston I asked our neighbour to come with me before exploring the rest of the house.

Today I’ve worked at home so I can entertain the locksmith, glazier and forensics guys and shelled out $350 that I didn’t plan to spend today. Everything’s pretty much okay now – Tom is still in Paris so I think it’s harder for him because he can’t do anything practical to help. I haven’t had a great nights sleep so am a mix of sleepy and stressed.

I used some of my nervous energy to take the data from how people have responded and make a flowchart. Because that’s normal, right?  If you click on it it will get bigger – or just view it here.

We got robbed - New Page

Click the chart to see a bigger version

5 Responses to We got burgled and I made a flowchart

  1. Amanda says:

    OMG !! How scary for you to come home to that..it is my worst nightmare actually. You have done so well. Don’t you hope the little beasts get caught. Do you think they are just kids or more of local thugs? And I hope you didn’t spend the night there on your own, I hope you went to the neighbours until you have the place all secure again?? Hope I don’t sound too over reactive, considering you are still there on your own..when does Tom get back.?

    • tomandemma says:

      I think the thugs are caught – or in the process of being caught – and they’re both youths and local thugs. My neighbour came over and secured the house, which was great and then I just stayed here by myself. It was OK although I didn’t have the most restful sleep. I feel better now the window’s fixed (the lounge is HEAPS warmer) and the locks have been changed. Tom’s back this weekend so not long to wait now. Hooray! Thanks so much for your kind thoughts.

  2. Delia says:

    Sucks! Sorry to hear about your burglary. I’ve been watching far too many Midsomer Murders to offer helpful advice but I’m glad you’re not home alone for too much longer!

  3. lynnjtaylor says:

    Sorry to hear that, scarey to have *#B&^$#@(*& invade your privacy.Good if they have been caught cos I have heard sometimes thieves do a job, wait till you replace items with insurance and then come back for the new stuff. Now u can chop their hands off instead.

  4. Katie says:

    That’s horrible 😦 We got burgled a few years back and I can remember seeing all the broken glass and the gate open and not quite being able to comprehend what had happened.
    Love the flowchart – hope the insurance etc have all been good and come through for you 🙂

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