New movies in old theatres

On Sunday afternoon Helen and I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel. Have you seen it? It’s so great and I immediately wanted to come home and add a whole lot of mustard velvet and lolly pink paint to our house. (Tom: if you’re reading this in Paris you’ll be pleased to know I didn’t).

Every part of the film is perfectly beautiful but it’s also a great 1930s-esque murder mystery with brilliant characters who are really funny.

Owing to an apparent inability to learn, we turned up to Martinborough’s Circus Cinema on Saturday night to find it booked out. This is the exact same thing that happened last time so who knows why I didn’t book. (Bit thick).

Instead we went to Masterton on Sunday, which has a beautiful old theatre resplendent in Deco details, plaster ceilings and garish red carpet, which is just perfect.






Regent Theatre building, Masterton, circa 1931. From Alexander Turnbull Library.

4 Responses to New movies in old theatres

  1. Tom says:

    Feel free to use as much mustard velvet and lolly pink as you like. In your room.

  2. Thanks for the write up guys- we are glad you enjoyed yourselves. We like screening art house but during holidays we are chocka’ with Disney/Pixar flicks for bread and butter. The outside of the building is being completely restored over the next month, the inside is being restored next summer, followed by new carpet, seats and bathrooms. We have a lot of velvet curtains in storage and of course of lovely well love carpet will be up for grabs. Come see us.. 😛


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