Whip round

I left work early Friday to take the first train home. Thank God for Helen because if she wasn’t visiting then I might have just taken to my bed for the weekend. As it was, on Saturday morning I slept to 11.30, which I haven’t done in about 15 years; thank goodness for friends who like to read by themselves on Saturday mornings.

I’m not always so neglectful but just had a tiring week. This weekend felt restful and restorative and also full of the kind of tonic that boosts your spirit.

As well as eating at Cuckoo, visits (yes, plural) to the Greytown lolly shop, strolling Martinborough, reading magazines by the fire, eating cheese from Featherston’s cheese shop, buying local honey at Almo’s Books in Carterton, we did this…


A visit to The Village Art Shop in Greytown – always full of treasure.


Both Helen and I like to walk slowly and seriously around shops to make sure we don’t miss any treasure.


Helen’s very excellent Sunday vintage dress.


I love an old pie dish and this one was filled with old stamps.


Vintage buttons.


Mural outside the Masterton Cinema – I like Mrs Tuatara and her handbag.


Mr Owl is pretty good too.


Pretty walls at Cafe Trocadero. Go for the coffee.


Me taking a photo of Helen taking a photo of this beautiful old painted sign.

My life advice – get a friend that it’s easy to mooch around your neighbourhood with.

In other exciting old lady news – we bought cider at the Featherston bottle store (a whole four bottles) and I got IDed. Not only am I over 18, I am two times 18. I told the woman behind the counter she was very kind.

6 Responses to Whip round

  1. petriidish says:

    hahah- that reminds me of the time we got ID’d at the casino- how awesome and hilarious was that!? BTW- Helens red coat is AMAZING.

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  3. Sarah Jane Barnett says:

    My friend I do that with is called Meg. We can spend hours mooching together. It’s pretty adorable that you guys both blogged about your weekend!

  4. lynnjtaylor says:

    I’m in love with The Village Art Shop – careful – I will come to visit and insist you take me. And to the lollyshop too. We have been eating chocolate thins tonight – biscuits that still tastes like they used to years ago if you know what I mean.

    • tomandemma says:

      The Village Art Shop recently got new owners (well, at least a year ago) and you’d love it. Always packed with good stuff like stationery, books, washi tape and art supplies. Come over next time you come to Wellington.

  5. tomandemma says:

    Yep, nerds unite. I’m pretty sure with enough research we could find the posts from all our weekends.

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