Wellington’s newest destination boutique

One of the things I most loved about Tokyo was finding tiny independent stores in out of the way places. Now Wellington has another such place in Indie Design.

If you’ve ever been to a craft market with owner Nini Mulyani you’ll know how popular her jewellery range is by the three-deep crowd that’s usually around her stall.

That craftsmanship and eye for olde-world aesthetic has been brought over into her store too with a huge range of one-off pieces arranged on wooden furniture, vintage suitcases and other great pieces.


Magpies like me will be instantly drawn to Nini’s printers drawers filled with glass and ceramic beads and metal findings – both vintage and new.

You can rummage the drawers then have Nini create a bespoke piece for you. Nini’s jewellery is all handmade and wired and soldered, which means no cheap, tacky glue.



She seems to be open a lot but the best idea would be to follow her Facebook page to keep up to date with her hours.

Oh, and she stocks a small range of Emma Makes notebooks and pencils too (hooray!)


The gift wrapping is right on theme too. (I appropriated this image from the Indie Design Facebook page).

Getting there
Indie Design is in the Lychgate Centre, 100 Riddiford Street, Newtown.
>>Follow their Facebook page for opening hours and beautiful images.

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