Weekend list: 3 + 4 May

Hark! Readers of the weekend list – something exciting is actually happening this weekend.

  • A day in Wellington on Saturday
  • I’m getting my hair cut for the first time since 9 November 2013
  • Tom is seeing a movie with his friend
  • Lunch at the Six Barrel Soda Co.
  • Giving opinion while Tom tries on new glasses
  • Shopping at Moore Wilsons
  • Pottering about Cuba Street


  • Sunday chores
  • Hopefully cutting out some new kiwi toys for Emma Makes
  • Filling stockists orders

Six Barrel Soda company


5 Responses to Weekend list: 3 + 4 May

  1. Ellen says:

    FUN! but that answered my invite to bike ride sadly. I hope you play scrabble at the soda land xx

  2. lynnjtaylor says:

    I’m babysitting Petra’s cat Manny this weekend! Hope the haircut goes well.

  3. katy says:

    I had a few days out in Wellington over the weekend as well, I come down every month or so for work so have a circuit of favourite stores/bars/restaurants but this trip was quite different because I had my 2 1/2 year old with me so tried a few new places with her in mind. We went to the Southern Cross for dinner, not as child-friendly on a Friday evening as the internet led me to believe but the stone-grill thing was amazing, highly recommended!

    We also had a delicious breakfast at the waka house down by Te Papa, their menu is Maori-influenced and we had a gorgeous muesli with lovely trimmings, local seafood chowder with rewana, and fried bread with cinnamon and sugar, amazing. We also had a breakfast on the boat down by Freyberg Pool, again chosen more for the novelty factor but a really nice meal. Wandering up Cuba St one evening my daughter was very keen on the garishly-lit Satay Noodle House which I suppose is a toddler’s idea of a good time, I had been hoping I could smuggle her into El Matador but gave up and we had a perfectly decent meal there too.

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