A weekend in Luxemburg

Not for me! Tom is heading off to Tokyo then Paris again next week for work and has decided to take the train to Luxemburg for a weekend while he’s there because that’s what you can do when you live in a place where all the countries touch.

Then he told me that Luxemburg is known for chocolate. So jealous.

Here’s some photos of Luxemburg. Meanwhile, still happy to take project ideas for while he’s away. So far some long overdue house painting is the only thing on the cards. Snore.



7 Responses to A weekend in Luxemburg

  1. thesewphist says:

    We had an amazing toilet experience in Luxembourg. Once you flushed, the whole toilet seat picked itself up, spun itself around, and gave itself a jolly good clean as it did so. This was 15 years ago, so maybe it’s not quite so novel now, but our entire travelling party ended up using the loo in that café just to see what the toilet did!

    In terms of project ideas while Tom is away, how about cooking yourself a series of fancy-schmancy meals for one, using ALL the delicious ingredients you love that he isn’t so keen on?

    • tomandemma says:

      Ah… that toilet story is very strange! I’ll tell him to look out for it.

      Cooking is a great idea – we’re going to write down some weekday ideas for while he’s away (he usually cooks) and I’m coming home alone in the dark (and not very motivated). I think on weekends though I could try something great to inspire me, which also means buying great stuff at Moore Wilsons.

  2. Do you want help with the room-painting? We could blitz it on Saturday and then celebrate by going out for dinner….?

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