Getting my make on

In my imagination Easter weekend is this mythical time where days are slow and I spend heaps of time in the studio making amazing new creations.

In reality I did spend heaps of time in my making cave but it was more along the lines of getting finished on half-done projects and catching up with stockists orders. Here’s what I did…

Finally finished this limited edition of two vintage wool pixie bags. They have red leather handles that I bought in Japan.

See more photos of this bag. They also have an inside band of strawberry-print cotton (also bought in Japan), which I’m rather fond of.

I unwittingly became a crazy cat lady when I finished up a whole stack of these toy cats. They’re for a Christchurch stockist but some will ultimately end up other places.

If you look closely at the back of this bunch you’ll spot my new Kiwi toy – that took a few hours of conceptualising on Monday afternoon and I’m really happy with it.


This is stage one of the Kiwi toy – I was pleased with the beak but the body was waaaay too round. Kind of crazy.

In between all the sewing Tom and I went on a picnic where we ate bacon and egg pie and drank miso soup while contemplating the giant brown puddle that is Lake Wairarapa. On the way home we decided what all the icons for groups would be in Game of Featherston (snort).

We also saw the LEGO movie in Martinborough – it was fantastic and really funny and recommended.

Oh and since I was in a mode of relaxed efficiency I tried to do my tax return and was genuinely shocked to learn I was too early. I’m usually in a fit doing it the night before it’s due.


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