A bit poked

Today my workplace finished moving to our new offices across town. They’re warm and light but also further away from public transport options so I’ve decided to bike to and from the train each today.

Now I’m a bit poked but that also means that over time I’ll get fitter and faster.

It makes a change from my quiet weekend at home.

This is a wool bag I’m working on – the detail is a cloth dyed by my friend Lynn.

I made this polar pixie bag which is now open for pre-order.

And I made muesli too – I’ve written up the recipe for tomorrow’s post.



2 Responses to A bit poked

  1. lynnjtaylor says:

    Good on you biking – so are there safe places to leave your bike- how does that work? Nice to see the doilie getting in on the action. Broad Bay China (the mega shopping trove for doilies etc) is on the market – will be a shame if the shop closes. 1.3 million for house and shop together in case you want to move down and have cold cold winters.

    • tomandemma says:

      Thanks for the offer of Dunedin winters but, ah, no. Right now I just park my bike outside work and lock it to itself but we’re getting some containers for them soon. Quite a few people bike.

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