Weekend list 12 + 13 April

Some things this weekend are things I didn’t do last Sunday because I was sick.

All better now and back into it:

  • make muesli
  • sew some notebooks for Thrive in Martinborough
  • sew a couple of big bags from fabric I printed last Saturday
  • finish sewing some wool pixie bags
  • make another, slightly bigger, compendium
  • make a parcel to send to Mum
  • maybe do some baking for Monday
  • put my piles of folded washing away

Tonight I’m having a massage after work then going to my friends Becca and Richard’s house for fish and chips and record listening.

Tom is staying at work to build a fort of boxes.


Last Saturday I printed this blanket with retro Polaroid cameras.


3 Responses to Weekend list 12 + 13 April

  1. petriidish says:

    I don’t think its cool to put in that comment about the fort of boxes and not elaborate!!!…what the…!?!? 😉

    • tomandemma says:

      Ha ha. Tom’s office is moving and they have about 100 boxes for files and things so of course they’ve decided the best thing to do is fold them all up and build a fort. As you do.

  2. Ellen says:

    I am so happy that you are out of your cup of sick. Your face was so sad on the bike ride. It feels like a large ocean between when our health and the weather will let us bike together again.

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