Weekend list: 5 + 6 April

  • Collect my random piles of things for the op-shop and take them down
  • Do some more sewing of vintage wool pixie bags
  • Finish sewing up my first polar bear pixie bag so I can list them for pre-order
  • Tidy my messy messy room, which didn’t get done last weekend (I might actually do that tonight – rock and roll baby!)
  • Make some muesli (I’ll share the recipe here once I’m done)
  • Tidy up my studio shop – I’m thinking of painting the floor white
  • Sort out a birthday present for my brother
  • Dad is coming to stay on Sunday.

This isn’t my studio – this is just a random shed from Pinterest.



3 Responses to Weekend list: 5 + 6 April

  1. amanda says:

    Be keen to see the muesli recipe…and wouldn’t we all love a little she like that in the bottom of our gardens!

  2. Tom Norman says:

    You missed one.
    • start planning baking/coconutting session for 15th anniversary lamingtons for Tom Norman.

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