Tokyo, Paris, Featherston, Lower Hutt

I can’t remember if I mentioned that Tom is off to Paris again soon?

We knew he’d have to go a couple of times this year for work and the first trip is in May. I’m super jealous but this time he’s also going to Tokyo on the way, which is enough to make me writhe on the floor in jealousy.

To get ready for 20 days by myself I’ve begun compiling a jobs list of sort to give me things to do. (None are as interesting as last year’s illustration wall).

Hopefully some friends will come to stay, I’ll finish off a teeny tiny bit of painting that we’ve been procrastinating on in one room and then scrub the floor in that room to get the grubby paint marks off it.

I might also sew a better curtain for the spare room and will hopefully sew some new clothes and lots of Emma Makes bags.

Other ideas greatly appreciated because the time between work seems so much longer when you’re home alone.


One Response to Tokyo, Paris, Featherston, Lower Hutt

  1. katy says:

    Lucky Tom! I need to get better work trips, my most recent one was to Tokoroa. I have to say, though, that I am a little bit jealous of the idea of having the house to myself, that sounds blissful!

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