Hats and scarves weather

Today I sat on the bean bags across the road from work and watched the weather roll in.

I was feeling a bit brain dead and a bit over office ranting so sat by myself for 30 minutes, texted some people, ran some ideas through my head and generally got back to normal again.


I’m quite pleased that it will be hats and scarves weather soon. I love Autumn. The walnuts are ready to be picked up, we’ve got grapes growing over the fence from the neighbours and there’s a huge pile of pinecones and wood just waiting for cold nights and bowls of soup.


5 Responses to Hats and scarves weather

  1. I find myself looking longingly at the pile of firewood neatly stacked, and imagining evenings spent wrapped up warm, with a toasty fire, hot soup, cats, and crochet, while the rain hammers on the roof.

  2. amanda says:

    Hi Emma…I feel the same! Love Autumn. Today I went down to the beach to walk the dog, in the sun, the weather changed, the sky looked like yours, and the rain poured down! Am now in front of our log burner , soup cooking in the kitchen! ( loved all your Japan stuff, haven’t said so yet sorry!!) I look forward to wrapping up in scarves too, am yet to find myself a decent looking hat.. I try every year.

    • tomandemma says:

      I have a fine array of numpty looking hats, some that I’ve made myself so maybe that’s the answer? That Make Cafe in Christchurch might even have a class?

  3. tiny happy says:

    happy autumn! this is such a nice post.

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