A love letter to Kathmandu hiking boots

When we were traipsing around Japan there were times when I thought, “Man, when I get home I’m writing Kathmandu a letter about how much I love my boots.”

But I’m lazy so am using this blog post instead.

Just before Christmas I decided I should buy some proper boots for walking around on snow. So I went to Kathmandu and bought these ones below, with the help of one of the girls in the Petone store. These boots are SO good that I’d recommend them to anyone wanting some really great hiking boots. Here’s what I love about them:

  • They are leather
  • They are incredibly comfortable – none of this ‘breaking in’ business. Actually, I meant to break them in but it was too hot over summer so I didn’t and never once had sore feet in these.
  • My feet were always dry and always warm – even at negative 17.
  • They were quick-ish to get on and off.
  • They originally cost about $500 so I felt like I was buying quality.
  • They are quite stylish.
  • They have grippy soles so I didn’t fall over on snow.



2 Responses to A love letter to Kathmandu hiking boots

  1. petriidish says:

    I just bought Kathmandu hiking boots in the weekend for Nick and I! We didn’t get those exact ones, but the ones I got anyway felt like they were born just to have my feet go into them! We’re going to do the Tongariro crossing *sometime* before winter kicks in, and got our boots for this, but I imagine they will also be awesome for on set and miscellaneous other adventures! 🙂

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