On learning French

This week I’ve downloaded the free app Duolingo and have started learning French. Tom is learning French and Spanish.

The app is cute – it uses gamification (in a not dorky way) to spur you on and asks you to translate, write, listen and speak from the get-go. It’s hard but worthwhile and much better than the humiliation of not knowing your French verbs the day the sadistic reliever teacher took our class.

So far I have learnt:

* I am great at working out the sentence if there’s a choice of words to put in the correct order, and

* I have NO idea what French people are saying most of the time even if I listen to the track five times in a row.

Still, this week I saw someone’s five year old’s writing and it was rubbish, which reminded me that learning takes time and it’s OK to be completely useless at the start.

Au revoir!

P.S. I wanted to learn Japanese but it wasn’t an option.

2 Responses to On learning French

  1. The Sewphist says:

    Have you tried logging in and using it on your computer too? That way, if you have a mic, you can practice speaking as well.

    At my school, the relievers for French were either the principal’s wife… or my dad. We had an agreement that when that happened, he didn’t call on me, and I didn’t volunteer. Which was somewhat awkward by 7th Form when there were only 6 of us in the class!

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