How to make a hot towel station in your house

Tom and I loved hot towels in Japan – the better restaurants would hand them out when you sat down (others had cold, disposable ones) and they were so welcome.

My best hot towel was probably in Sapporo – one night after the snow festival I was absolutely frozen and we stopped at a whiskey bar for a few drinks. The hot towel was so warming and refreshing.

We decided we couldn’t carry on life without them so now we have a station in our house – here’s how you can get one too.

Dedicate an area and prepare the towels
We’ve set aside a part of our recipe book cupboard for hot towels – it’s an area right above the microwave so super easy to access.

We bought 12 white facecloths (about $1.20 each) and I rolled them all up and stacked them on a tray so they’re easy to grab and make before dinner.


Timing and getting them wet
When dinner is being plated, whoever hasn’t cooked makes the hot towels. I wet the towel right through while it’s rolled up, then wring it out a bit (still rolled up) then put it on a plate we’ve dedicated to microwaving hot towels.

Microwave the hot  towels together for a minute – you might like to experiment on this – you want hot and steamy but not to be burnt.

Using the hot towels
What you’re supposed to do in Japan is neatly clean your face and hands with the hot towel. But the hot towel is *so* good that I usually throw my head back, unroll it, cover my whole face and groan in satisfaction.Then I wash my face and hands.

White towels are best because if they get stained you can bleach them out again.

Hot towels are SO SO good so you really need to try making them at least once.


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