Weekend list: 15 and 16 March

  • 8am Saturday bike to the river with Ellen and go for a swim
  • Make kittens and notebooks for Made.it in Wellington
  • Read some of the pile of magazines I bought in Japan
  • Plan out some ideas for lunches
  • Write the guide to making a hot towel station at home
  • Hopefully start sewing some new Emma Makes things
  • Make a camouflage skirt
  • Check out what the blackberries are doing
  • Keep reading 1Q84 – thanks to the people who recommended I keep going.


2 Responses to Weekend list: 15 and 16 March

  1. katy says:

    I thought IQ84 was ok and didn’t regret slogging through it but I didn’t connect with it the way some people did. I am wondering if I have to face the fact I am not really that into Haruki Murakami (except “The Wind up Bird Chronicle”, love that).

    Did you know about the free monthly movie screenings at the Embassy? A resource if you want to keep your Japan on 🙂 http://www.nz.emb-japan.go.jp/culture_education/monthly_movie.html

  2. Ellen says:

    Make a camouflage skirt…. i wonder what landscape it is to camouflage in… i wonder so much.

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