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Not many people we’ve encountered know where Kuwana is or what their great light show is. I’d seen a photo of an incredible light show on Pinterest and once I knew it was in Japan I was keen to see it.

Our travel agent put this in the ‘too hard’ basket so we had a gap in our itinerary that I was determined to fill. Thanks to Trip Advisor and a few other blog posts we learnt where the festival was, how to get there and to stay in Nagoya, the closest city.

I find searching for accommodation frustrating so picked the easy option – the five star hotel on top of the railway station (Marriott if you’re looking for a recommendation).

It’s wonderful – heres our view from floor 41. We spent a lot of time looking at the view and slept with the curtains open last night.

But back to the light show – in a word, incredible. Absolutely worth the special trip and going mid-week was brilliant because there weren’t any crowds. The whole thing was accompanied by piped music for that special surreal Japanese experience.

As a special bonus the plum blossom was out (it’s spring here) and smelt wonderful.



I’ve also put a heap of other photos up in our Flickr gallery.
If you want to visit Kuwana it will help you to know the light show is called Nabana no Sato.

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