Miyajima: a hipster’s paradise

We took a day trip today to Miyajima – an island about an hour’s boat ride from Hiroshima.

Lucky for us we were able to catch a boat from Peace Park, which is right by our hotel so saved the hassle of a long train ride then ferry across.

The island is a great day trip and has lots of tame and friendly deer roaming around it. Between them and the signs for coffee it was like paradise for hipsters.


These guys were super friendly – mainly because we’d stopped to eat some citrus Kit Kat and they wanted some too. They were pretty determined trying to eat my bag and skirt.


We walked up through forest to the rope way (that’s a cable car to you) but found it was under repair until… Tomorrow. Rats.

Miyajima is most famous for its Odorii gate, which stands in the sea and at high ride can appear to float on water. The island also had a number of beautiful shrines and a five-storey pagoda too.

What we weren’t expecting was the worlds largest rice spoon… But look – here it is!

There’s lots more photos in our Flickr album too.

Tom pointed out that I might not have been using big enough photos in these blog posts so they might seemed blurred – hope thats fixed now.



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