Today we visited the dystopian future

When eating at a bad Amercian buffet at lunchtime is the peak of your day you know it hasn’t been a winner.

Today Tom and I headed out to Odaiba – an artificial island in Tokyo harbour with shops, a replica Statue of Liberty, museum and games/ entertainment area.

This blog describes it best when they say,“Odaiba – a city built from scratch on a reclaimed island in Tokyo Bay – is a strange, soulless, hulking place. I had to walk right through it, under grey rainy skies, to get to the museum. It was as bleak and dystopian as I could possibly imagine. I had just finished reading the book ”Dogs and Demons”, a critique of Japanese society that places an addiction to building huge, sterile, unnecessary monuments at the heart of the country’s psychological problems, so this billion-dollar ghost town of sci-fi towers amid weedy fields and big empty roads, was particularly unnerving.”

It was sad. And big. And empty.

We found ourselves in one outlet mall that had gone really over the top on the Roman theme – Tom said he felt like he was in a Sci-Fi movie where the world had ended and the few survivors had built a replica Earth underground. The second photo below was taken inside too in an area that had a realistic sky painted on the roof.


We’d come out for a bit of a day trip (the long way because we took the wrong train and ended up in Yokohama) and to search for Kit-Kats. Luckily the mission was a success (we found four new flavours at the duty free shop in Aqua City) but boy were we glad to get out of that weird, sad place.


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