Seven things I learnt traveling in Japan

  • “Everyone speaks English in Tokyo” is a lie – but everyone will be willing to try and communicate.
  • Wearing heavily-patterned clothing is more forgiving than plain fabrics because it will hide any stains and creases.
  • Your foreign cash card won’t work in every ATM but it will definitely work in the 7-11 ones.
  • You can pay for your train ticket with a 10,000 yen note, which is a great way to break it.
  • You can get a very long way with a smile and a head nod.
  • Hotel breakfast buffets are often over-priced and there’s almost always a place nearby where you can find better for cheaper.
  • Carry a plastic bag with you everywhere that has tissues, wet wipes and a facecloth (to use as a hand towel) because not everywhere has toilet paper and not many places have hand towels or dryers.


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