Properly Touristy

Although we’ve been in Tokyo almost 10 days we really haven’t been very good at playing the cliche tourist.

Instead of visiting the “must do” attractions we tend to favour the everyday – wandering about suburbs with the locals – or further out special places like The Ghibli Museum.

Today we decided to be proper tourists.

First up was a visit to Asakusa – the older part of Tokyo. Actually not that much is old anymore because it was bombed during WWII but this part looks and feels the oldest.

We visited the Senso-Ji Temple and save the five-level pagoda and beautiful Buddah and other religious sites.


I can’t go past a temple without lighting incense and making a wish.

Next up we headed to the Tokyo Skytree – I’ve learnt this holiday that I’m not a fan of heights but once I’m up there I can deal with it.

I closed my eyes when the lift went on the outside of the building and gripped the handrail inside at 450 metres before I was confident that the tower wasn’t moving.

The view was incredible and these photos can’t possibly do it justice but give you some idea of the height.

Tom walked across the glass floor but I just couldn’t do it.





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