Fish and diamonds

As we spend more time in Tokyo I’m taking fewer photos, which is bad news for you.

I find I just enjoy seeing the sights and sometimes forget to take as many snaps.

I did make this video of the fish market though – general chaos!

We headed to the fish market bright and early yesterday morning – here’s Tom buying a couple if new knives from a little stall. He’d read that these knives were the best in the world.


We lined up for breakfast for an hour and enjoyed the freshest fish we’d ever eaten at a tiny place that seated about 10.

Then we roamed the fish market – you’re not allowed to take photos – and saw huge amounts of fish and gigantic pieces of tuna.

Ginza is just up the road so we walked up there for some sightseeing. It’s one of Tokyo’s richest areas and didn’t disappoint with big name stores and excess.

This is a tiara shop with its own tiara.

We did manage to find a great big yellow suitcase for about $60 though so were very happy with that. We need something to put all the washi tape and comics in.

Today was Harajuku – we missed seeing too many Fruits but had a great time roaming the streets, looking at stalls and eating crepes.

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