Shopping stamina: level up

Today was my turn to adventure while Tom stayed home to rest.

I walked over to Daikanyama enjoying a nice walk in the sun and a nosey around some residential streets and embassy’s.

I’ve been using the Hello Sandwich guide to Tokyo so started at a recommended bookshop picking up a stack of Anthology magazines – something I love that’s at least twice the price and hard to source at home.

The shop (T-Site) had heaps of English books with a slant towards style, art, fashion and music – huzzah!

The next several hours were spent walking, poking my nose around alleyways and shops and stopping occasionally for a cup of coffee. I failed to find the onigiri (rice ball) place I’d wanted to have lunch at so ended up in a super cute pancake cafe instead.

Pancakes are big here (not literally) – I had savoury ones with bacon, an egg, salad and chili beef (mince). Like most lunches all that (I couldn’t finish it was so generous) and an orange juice cost me about $12.

I took photos, made purchases and had a very nice time getting down to Ebisu.

The train ride home was eventful – someone at Shibuya Station pushed the emergency stop button because there was a man on the tracks. It was alarms and great rushing around from the station police who we’re carrying a stretcher.

I don’t know if he was rescuing someone’s bag or trying to end his life but I was equally alarmed and enthralled. Looking around I noticed all the Japanese people just looked bored.

All that drama and the train only ran five minutes late. It seems that here you don’t wait for the next train (usually along in a few minutes) if the carriage is full – you just cram in – so I stood a lot closer to people than I really would have liked but felt I’d had a true subway experience.














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