The Simple Things

In Japan I have a renewed appreciation for normal – it’s easy to overlook the rules and conventions of you’re home country because they’re so ingrained but here they stand out a mile.

This morning (on my home day) I decided that I wanted to do some washing but the instructions provided didn’t result in the washing machine starting.

There’s only so much tinkering you can do when the machine is in kanji… An email to our apartment contact and we’re going now.

Yesterday I made my lunch order then stood at the food window waiting until someone said to sit down and wait. Of course in normal circumstances I would have realised that if they give you a number they’ll deliver the food.

In Hakodate a bus driver growled when I put a 500 yen coin in the slot for payment.

Tom and I took a longer than planned train trip this week as we hopped on an express train by mistake and zoomed right past our station.

This week I made filtered coffee at home but used instant coffee by mistake. Tom almost died laughing at this one.

Japan is a wonderful adventure and a time of many small victories.

This is today’s coffee – successfully made (and delicious) using ground coffee beans.


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