Shinjuku cha cha cha

This is a hard thing to admit when you’re in Tokyo but tomorrow I’m having a day at home. I’m poked. All this looking and concentrating is tiring work!

Since I last blogged we’ve been to The Ghibli Museum in Mitaka and spent the day in Shinjuku. Both are areas of Tokyo.


The Ghibli Museum was incredible – they only allow 200 people a day in and you have to sort out your tickets from your home country. They also don’t allow photos inside.

Everything was about magical discovery – lots of secret doors or tiny alcoves to get into and a very narrow spiral staircase that run up three floors and wasn’t big enough to stand up in.

There was lots of great animation drawings too and heaps of footage of films like My Neighbour Totoro. We both really loved the rooms laid out like a studio – probably the best diorama settings I’ve seen because they didn’t seem staged. The whole museum made us want to go home and watch all the Miyazake films.
Then it was off for a meander through a park that was probably a bit muddier than we’d hoped. After the crazy crowds, being in a park was a perfect antidote.

This temple was in the park – I do love lighting incense at temples.

I was gutted the swan boats weren’t running but the pond was frozen so fair call.

Today was for shopping in Shinjuku – I was really pleased to find a five-storey fabric store and get some great cottons and linens.

Tom was pleased to find English- translated manga and bought a good stash. Some of it he’s reading now in a cat cafe before heading to a whiskey bar.

The picture above was my lunch – a super yum burger from JS Burgers.

Tomorrow I plan to read, snooze and get some washing done – not sure what Tom’s up to.


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