Snow, Sendai and shopping

Today was all about snow – it starting snowing early in Sendai and before long the streets were a slushy mess.

Unlike Sapporo, which was properly cold, Sendai was too warm to keep the snow light and dry so it settled and made everything wet.

We spent a good part of the day shopping and buying nice things – stationery, a cute purse, a nice book of papers amongst other stuff. Tom bought a round mop ball that runs on a battery and cleans the floor by itself.

There’s quite a lot of English in Japan but not always where you’d expect it – Tom found this great ‘sperm’ sign in Sendai.

Where there isn’t a lot of English is at the train station. There were major delays today for snow (the largest fall in 78 years we saw online) but that message doesn’t really get through to us – especially not when it’s blaring out of a loud speaker.

It’s hard to truly show how much snow there is – a huge amount everywhere. Less in Tokyo but still a lot and we’re both grateful for our Kathmandu boots that have kept our feet 100% dry and warm.

Amazingly we negotiated two train lines within Tokyo and a taxi ride to arrive at our apartment – a great little home base for the next 11 days.



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