Farewell from Hakodate

We’re on the train to Sendai now, on a journey that is taking us past tiny villages covered in snow.

I’m saying things like, “it’s magical.” Tom is saying, “have you never been on the train before?” Good Dad joke Tom.


We spent the early part of last night up Mount Hakodate – an amazing view from the top of the mountain that you get to on a big cable car. There’s heaps more photos of this on our Flickr feed http://www.flickr.com/photos/tomandemma


Last night we also upgraded our room to one with a private onsen. Just off the bathroom we had a good sized stone pool decked out in slate stones. We warmed up from our mountain time here with the help of some whiskey and lemon liqueur.

Hakodate was a great place to visit (you will have spotted that the photo above is the snow monkeys we saw, not us). We loved Hanabashi Hotel – in fact on Wednesday I stayed there all day bathing, having a facial and massage and reading.


We love Japanese snacks – these are chocolate on potato chips and here’s what Tom’s eating on the train for lunch:


One last thing – as we left the hotel this morning we had a heroes send off – about 10 staff walked us out, bowing and saying “thank you” “thank you.” It was incredible!


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