Things we love about Japan

We’ve been in Japan only five days but are already pretty loved up. Here’s some general everyday things we love so far:

Hot towels!
When you eat out you’re met with a hot towel to wipe your face and hands. I can’t tell you how good it is to step out of the snow into a warm whiskey bar and be handed a hot towel.

People are super polite
Everywhere we go people are incredibly friendly and courteous – when we arrived in Sapporo three girls who were complete strangers walked us to our hotel door because they saw we were lost.

At the train station I bought the wrong ticket and the station guard quickly helped me, refunded my money, apologized (it was my fault) and had me sorted out in no time without feeling like a dumb tourist.

Things run on time
Things happen when they say they will – I’d bet anything that office meetings run on time. Trains run to the minute. It’s fantastic!

Care is taken
Whether you’re eating lunch from the train station, looking at a street sign or visiting a shop, everything will be organised, beautiful, tidy and cared for. Everything is just so and aesthetics seem very important.

New food
Much of the time I have no idea what I’m eating but nine out of ten times it’s delicious.

Add to that that there’s stationery everywhere and Japanese people like savory and sweet together (like chocolate dipped potatoes) and this is pretty much my ideal world.

This is us taking a selfie at Odori Park on our last night in Sapporo.


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