Domination of merino

Some of you will know about my quest for winter tights to wear in Japan, which has at times felt more difficult than anything else I’ve ever done. After buying and returning from three stores I started to think I could start a merino tights/leggings empire and become rich.

In the weekend I made my own. I don’t own an overlocker and was cautious about sewing knit but found a couple of great tips in my research. The first was to buy a walking foot and some ballpoint needles. The second was to actually read my sewing machine’s manual to check what stitch I should be using.

I never use commercial patterns – I either make my own or just cut around other clothes I own. This time I cut around cotton leggings I own and allowed a generous seam allowance.

Now I have two pairs of great, long, fitting merino leggings and a nice merino rug for the plane too. Hooray for making.


6 Responses to Domination of merino

  1. Lynn Taylor says:

    Not warm enough for this trip but I recalled reading this in the good old Weekly…

    • tomandemma says:

      It scares me that you remembered a Woman’s Weekly article. These are perfect too because I often wear my hands in my tights (jokes). If I’m getting tights tights (not leggings) then I love because they have every colour you could ever want. They have all sizes so well worth a visit.

  2. Ellen says:

    today i cut through my second hand shop columbine nz wool tights because i was cutting pilling off in an arrogant way and then you post this you have fixed my rage with your cheery DIY post.

  3. Ellen says:

    ohhhlala please supply the goods for me to stop whinging…
    I am super excited that we might be the last familiar faces you see in ages!

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