My five colour travel swatch

Ages ago I read on a blog that a great tip for travel is to decide on a colour scheme and stick to it – that way everything you take with you will coordinate with everything else so you can take less.

I’m aiming to look super nice on our trip but to also take a minimum of clothing – two dresses and two cardigans will probably see me through six weeks.

Therefore opting for a colour scheme seemed a great idea. I’ve gone for nice, winter colours:






All these images are styled by Sibella Court (each links to Pinterest). Look her up if you’ve never seen her work – she’s great.


6 Responses to My five colour travel swatch

  1. amanda says:

    Haven’t commented lately as been on holiday and now getting back into boring work/school routine…and now am very jealous to be reading all this travel stuff!!! Lucky you, and I do hope you have a really great time.
    This sounds such a good idea with the colours, no matter if I go away for one night or a week I always end up taking far too much, and yet with nothing that goes together and I end up looking and feeling frumpy and frustrated , and wish I had packed just those couple of things I had left hanging in my wardrobe that would have gone really well together! ((And I then have to lug a heavy bag back with unworn stuff in it!)

  2. katy says:

    Wow that is minimalist, I’m impressed! I’m a fan of merino skirts when travelling (a la Kathmandu and Macpac). I think I put in a message to Tom that if you do need basics I recommend the flagship Uniqlo in Ginza as they stock extended sizes (none of the other Uniqlo stores sell the bigger sizes). Well made basics at very reasonable prices.

    • tomandemma says:

      Thank you! I had Uniglo on my mental list and have seen great reviews online but wasn’t sure that I’d clocked Ginza as the place to go.

      • katy says:

        Other places I would try if I needed clothes in Japan: I can usually find something wearable at Eddie Bauer (an American store) in Shinjuku, Isetan in Shinjuku has a section of larger sizes called “Clover Plus” on 3F I think, otherwise , and the big Marui in Sapporo also has a “Clover Plus” section on 7F, these stock Japanese designers in a limited range of larger sizes though the clothes are expensive and can be hit or miss depending on the season, however, sometimes you get lucky. There are H&M, Top Shop, Gap, Zara in Japan too but I don’t like disposable clothes so never really bothered with these. I LOVE Muji but there isn’t much I can squeeze into there apart from the odd top or cardigan, I usually compensate by buying lots of scarves and clothes for my daughter 🙂

      • Lynn Taylor says:

        Gorgeous colours Emma. Ha ha when I was in Japan I stocked up at Uniglo too, the heady shopping frenzy was slightly marred by that problem of feeling like an elephant when trying things on, so good to know about the other outlet. OP shops seemed harder to find although I did get taken to one and that was very exciting as there were kimono’s etc. Oh and I meant to say my crazy bit of travel equipment – which you may not need and this is the wrong blog post to add it in but here it is anyway. I took a large piece of wide black elastic sewn into a loop, but you could also just knot it. When I had hard to carry shapes like an art folio I could contain everything and add extra stuff with this simple stretchy strap.While it was really because I didn’t have enough hands and my things were awkward shapes to carry it made me feel everything was more secure. If you don’t use it to help with luggage you have a fine giant slingshot.

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