A Hong Kong stopover

It’s less than two weeks until we go to Japan now, which seems unreal because we’ve been planning and saving for ages.

Because I think about our trip so often I think I’m also talking about it all the time but still I’ve got friends who have no idea we’re going. The house sitter is booked and we literally have a book of lists of things to do, pack, clean, buy, organise.

On the way to Japan we’re stopping in Hong Kong for four days. We have two full-day tours booked, which will be a great way to make sure we actually see the sights and don’t just run around like crazy people excited about being overseas.

Any recommendations or top spots?


8 Responses to A Hong Kong stopover

  1. Paula says:

    I went to the giant Buddha and the nearby temple. It was pretty awesome. You can buy giant incense (as tall as a person!) to light at the temple. It is further to travel outwards though if I remember correctly but still easy to navigate. Shops and the city are open very late pretty much every night but don’t open until mid to late morning. A tour is a great way to get your bearings and see places you would like to investigate further. Just remember to haggle, I can’t emphasize that enough. People will wave calculators at you just type in less than you are willing to pay then haggle up to about halfway. I’m so excited for you!

  2. Clare says:

    Yay have fun! I stopped over in Hong Kong on a school trip when I was 16. We went to some great markets, got totally lost and some nice locals showed us (two 16 year old boys and about 3-4 16 year old girls) all the way back to our hotel. XO

  3. Louise says:

    Oooh, I love Hong Kong! We have been twice and loved it. Great place for a stopover. Definitely go and see the giant buddha on Lantau island and have lunch at the temple. And go up the steep cable car to the lookout at the top of Victoria Peak. The free nightly light show is great – the lights are on HK island itself, so you need to watch from the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront on the mainland (take the ferry or metro across the water). There are plenty of markets, but I would give the Stanley Market a miss – we found it pretty touristy and it is a bit out of the way to get to. The Temple Street night market is great for the atmosphere and street food. The Cat market is good for antiques. I also loved the flower market. If you have a rainy day and need to do something inside, the Hong Kong Museum of History is worth a visit and not very expensive.

    For crafty stuff (though you are going to Japan anyway, where there is even more crafty goodness), I visited Sham Shui Po, the “garment” district north of the centre. I picked up lots of ribbons and beading stuff, but you can also buy zips, buttons etc. More details here: http://twentycentmixture.blogspot.co.nz/2008/07/rainbows-of-ribbons.html

    I am very jealous, and looking forward to reading all about your trip. Japan is high on the list of places I’d like to visit!

    • tomandemma says:

      Woohoo! Thank you for these tips – especially the ones to visit and the ones to avoid because I bet once we’re over there all markets will appear the same at first glance.

      Now, to practice my haggling skills.

  4. katy says:

    I don’t remember how long it takes to get to Macau but if you can manage it as a day trip it is worth checking out!

  5. katy says:

    Great! It was a long time ago I went to Macau so it has probably changed but I really loved it and I know it is always a crowd pleaser. I did try and think of things I have enjoyed in Hong Kong but I think much of the pleasure is just in cruising around and eating as much as you can manage 🙂

  6. the trams, the old one that go down the main road, so awesome, also just walking around is a mindblowing experience

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